Here you´ll find my list of malacological friends coming from all over the world, along with their respective postal addresses and e-mails, and their trade preferences.

If you want to be included in the list below, please fill the form that you´ll find at the bottom of this section and send it to me as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you have been already included in this list and you don´t want that your data are available for other malacologists, tell me by e-mail to In this second case I apologize for being such a nuisance. I did it with the best of intentions.

Also, let me encourage you to send me by e-mail a passport-size photograph which will be add to your entry. I think it´s very nice to associate a name with a face, isn´t it?. Even you may send me by e-mail your trade or exchange lists. I can help you to meet some new malacological contacts and make some nice shell trades.


NOTE: All fields in the previous form are obligatory except that corresponding to "other interesting data". If you forget to fill some of the obligatory fields, an alert message about the non-filled or wrongly filled entries will appear. I´ll highly appreciate you send me a passport photo along with your submission form which will be included in your entry.

If you don´t appear in my friend list a couple of days after having sent this form is probably that some Internet trouble has carried out. Then, you may send me the same data to my e-mail: