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I was born back in 1973 (July the 2nd) in the bosom of a very humble family of Jaen, a small city of Eastern Andalucia (Spain). I´m a Doctor of Biology and during thelast years I have been specializing in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Education. I have always had a special interest in nature and in the whole academic and scientific world. In fact, soon in my teens I was sure about studying any scientific career and become a good teacher of it. Well, fortunately I have partially achieved this objective since although I work in the morning as a sales representative in a private sector company, sometimes I can work in the afternoon as a environmental teacher of professional training courses for unemployed and employed people co-subsidized by the European Union and the "Junta of Andalucia", the regional Administration of my area.

I got married in 2001. In the summer of 2007 my twins Angel and Lucia were born.

I love going to the country, going to the cinema and enjoying my precious and limited spare time along with my wife and my beautiful dog. I suppose these are common hobbies ascribable to common people. The unusual thing is that crazy love of shelling, do you know?........

I still remember that warm August morning of 1993 in the Bil-Bil Beach (Benalmadena, Malaga Province, Spain) when I picked up my first shells. I got up very early in that morning, at 7 o´clock. I found some single valves of Chlamys glabra (also called Proteopecten glaber) while me and my father were tooking a walk near the sea. Obviously, I have known the scientific name of this species several years after; at the moment of being found they were simple clams. In order to regenerate the beach some months before tons of sand coming from continental shelf had been placed on the beach but only two heavy seas were more than enough to show the underlying sandy stratum packed with shellgrit and a lot of eroded shells. The days after finding the Chlamys shells I began to watch much more carefully the shell piles appearing on sand. Then a lot of different Mediterranean species such as Nassarius reticulatus, Cancellaria reticulata and Cancellaria similis, Nassarius mutabilis, Gibbula magus, Hexaplex trunculus, Thais haemastoma, but above all a great of multicolored variety of Chlamys glabra single valves. I think that variety of Chlamys patterns made me fall madly in love with shells. It´s 12 years now since I found my first Chlamys valve and its magic hasn´t disappeared yet. On the contrary, now I have fallen in love with many other genus and families of molluscs.

Once I had accumulated any amount of shells I realized that I might be much more selective since the majority of them was too damaged as usual in beached shells. Thus I tried to be more discriminatory the following two summer holidays that I spent in the same place. I was getting on my nerves before going to bed because I really couldn´t get to sleep when I thought about the kind of shells that tide could provide me the following morning; ¿Would the swell be benevolent enough to supply new nice and not very eroded shells to include in my collection?. It was a pity that neither of the next summer holidays turned out as much productive as that of 1993. To be present at the drainage of sand coming from the continental shelf and the subsequent covering of the beach in 1995 was specially painful for me. The breakwater area of Torrequebrada Hotel turned into the only place to visit when I was gone "cold turkey" for shelling, but well it´s better than nothing......

This time I had already decided to give a much more scientific approach to my shell collection so I spent the little money I had saved on a couple of basic mollusc guides, those edited by Blume and Grijalbo. I know these bibliography is too limited but the amount of species I had managed to build up was hardly 50 or 60. Also I decided to increase my collection interests toward terrestrial (land and freshwater) molluscs. The last decision was greatly influenced by a travel to Argentina in the summer of 1996. I met there a teacher of Master´s Biology who apart from giving me around 50 local species from Patagonia, showed me the book " Compendium of Landshells ". It really shocked me to see its amazing photographs so, as soon as I arrived Spain I asked in a technical library for the two Compendiums, of Landshells and Seashells. Since then once or twice per week I delight in having a look at their wonderful photographs; it´s so relaxing...

To become a member of the Spanish Society of Malacology (S.E.M.) was the following event in my malacological history. In January 13, 1997 I joined the S.E.M. with the 453 member number. I must recognize I haven´t been a very active member since then because I haven´t attended the Congresses arranged during this time. So I still can be considered as an amateur...

However, I have been recently designated as the S.E.M.´s correspondent in Jaen, so I have planned to collaborate with S.E.M.´s "Noticiario" on a regular basis by several studies and country researches.

Here you have my article titled "Aportación sobre la controvertida sistemática del género Iberus (Monfort, 1810)", published in the number 45 of the Noticiario of the Spanish Society of Malacology in summer 2006. It includes some interesting information and nice plates about the species of the land snail Iberus genus living in my province.

My collection has been substantially improved during the last years mainly due to I´ve got to come into contact with a big number of malacological colleagues from all over the world who make very nice shell trades with. But this matter will be dealt more in detail in the following sections of this Web.

I´d underline, because it has been a big honor for me, that some photographs of shells from my collection have been requested by Eddy Hardy, the webmaster of the well-known Site, in order to be included in this wonderful worldwide shell database.

If you feel like talking with me through the messenger program, let me suggest to be included in your contact list; this is my messenger address: