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Fortunately, last local election brings a much better politic phase for the Environment of Jaen. This new stage is leaded by implicated people who knows perfectly the real environmental needs of my loved town. In a brief period of time this new staff of environmental technicians has developed several projects, probably insufficient but nevertheless much more than those made for the previous incompetent staff of right-wing politicians.

Among these started initiatives the participation at the beginning of 2008 in a national competition focused to projects promoting Spanish biodiversity is one of the most interesting. Hence a project related to conservation and habitat improvement of the emblematic Iberus gualtierianus appears.

S.E.M. Website shows the new:

A couple of month later, the Spanish National Environmental Ministry along with the Biodiversity Foundation and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces award only 10 winners for the I National Competition for the Increase of Biodiversity.

Well my friends, I feel really proud because Environmental Department of my city Council conferred me the honor of being included in the technical staff for the development of this project.

During the next two years we´ll begin a comprehensive study with the aim of optimize the habitat caracterization for Iberus gualtierianus. Then we´ll design a protocol of habitat restoration in a 80 hectare emblematic area of the city focused to the reintroduction of the snail. I´ll inform you about the findings of the project.