There are a lot of malacologists men and women scattered around the world, much more than you can imagine. Because some of them are eager to meet people as you, they decide to divulge their contact data and malacological preferences through Internet forums and lists of shell collectors and shell exchange.

This section will let you to gain access to these meeting points for shell collectors. Easy forms which will allow you to send Webmaster your contact data and exchange interests in order to be published and put in the Internet for the rest of worldwide collectors are included in the majority of them. Moreover, these exchange directories contain endless lists of worldwide collectors who you could make shell trades with by e-mail. Don´t have any doubt about getting in touch with them and proposing shell trades; there are many nice people waiting for your mail.

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List of exchange in "Spirula" Website
Spanish Forum "Infojardin"
CONCH-L Directory
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