Here I show some of the best database to identify your shells. Some of them are great jewels as much for the amount as for the quality of the photographs that they contain.

Obviously, I don´t show all current Web sites of Internet you may use as a tool for shell identification but I´m sure that the most useful and complete have been brought together to this section. They will become undoubtedly a very nice complement you will add to your shells bibliography. If you don´t find a shell in some of this sites probably you will never find it in the whole Internet.

Olivier Caro´s database
Database of Worldwideconchology
Shells from Eurasia (Philippine Shells Iconography)
Mediterranean Seashells
Web Shellspeak
Molluscs Database
Jacksonville Shells
Polymita Genus Taxonomy
Freshwater mussels database 1
Freshwater mussels database 2
Shells from Papua Nueva Guinea
Red Sea Shells